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Q-TEES Celebrates 35 Years in Promo Industry

Family-owned Q-TEES celebrates 35 years in the promotional products industry.

From making linens and selling affordable T-shirts to now offering a variety of aprons, towels, and bags, family-owned Q-TEES celebrates 35 years in the promotional products industry.

Although the company has shifted its focus over the years, its commitment to quality and variety has not wavered. Originally part of Wasatch, it started with manufacturing linen towels. Then, in 1988, it transitioned its focus to T-shirts. At that time, employees coined “cute tees” as a nickname, which became Q-TEES of California and was later shortened to Q-TEES.

Today, it promotes itself as one of the largest exporters of tote bags, aprons, towels, and bandannas in Pakistan. With a headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and strategic partners, Q-TEES continues to build relationships and seek innovations. One of those is eco-friendly practices — spearheaded by Marketing Director Shawn Teli, who joined the company in 2017. Q-TEES has since transitioned to solar-powered facilities and released a line of 100% recycled cotton totes. Teli says adding sustainable products to its list of offerings will continue.

“With 35 years in business, it has been our team’s priority to build from the foundation that our family started and to continue bringing innovative ideas and new opportunities to drive Q-TEES to its full potential,” Teli adds.

Speaking about how the industry has changed since Q-TEES’ founding, he says, “The promotional products industry has evolved significantly in the past 35 years, with advancements in technology, a greater focus on sustainability, a shift in consumer preferences, and increased globalization.” To adapt to those changes, Q-TEES adopted technology to ensure smooth and accessible ordering and personalization for customers, in addition to products that “cater to the individual preferences of consumers,” Teli notes.

Finding Success

Being in the biz for so many years, the list of achievements starts to get long. For Q-TEES, its partnership with Sportsman Cap & Bag stands out as a notable one. “Their guidance has been instrumental in helping us broaden our perspective and focus on the most important aspects of our business, enabling us to expand our vision and achieve greater success,” Teli adds.

The company commemorates the milestone with a 35th-anniversary logo.

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